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Dec 31, 2015

Company of Good

For the second year running, Tru-Marine created inspiring art with Arc Children’s Centre.

Arc is dedicated to nurturing and enriching the lives of children with serious illnesses in a joyful and healthy environment.  Its circle of care also extends to the children’s families, providing moral support to parents and siblings as the children undergo treatment.

Celebrating the theme BIGGER, the young artists created intricate paper mosaics inspired from the joy they find in their favourite things.

24 canvases were lovingly pieced by hand by the Arc children, their parents and Tru-Marine volunteers, using paper bits recycled from the colourful pages of publications contributed by Riviera Maritime Media.  Every bit of paper brought the canvases to life, representing how small beginnings are the building blocks for bigger dreams.

The canvases were auctioned for over $10,000 during Arc’s Charity Gala Lunch to raise funds for a larger, integrated children’s centre.


For more information on Arc Children’s Centre, visit