Tru-Marine Joins Venture with Dubai’s TurboLink

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May 01, 2016

Tru-Marine enters into a joint venture with Dubai-based TurboLink. The partnership, named Tru-Marine TurboLink, is an expansion of Tru-Marine’s operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from its existing Sharjah branch. The new entity is set to be operational by 1 May 2016.

TurboLink, is a division of LINK Instrumentation & Control Service, which exclusively represents some of the most prestigious and leading brands in the field of marine automation in the Middle East. LINK’s mission is the 24/7 provision of efficient, flexible specialist services, solutions and spare parts for marine and offshore engineering.

TurboLink brings to the joint venture complementary assets. It has a strong customer-oriented culture that likens to Tru-Marine’s service philosophy, sound local knowledge and experience of 20 years, as well as 1000 square meters of workshop facilities located in Dubai Maritime City.

Tru-Marine boasts of nearly forty years of track record, offering full turbocharger service from scheduled overhauls to in-situ emergency repairs. The Group brings to the partnership its strengths as a global brand with longstanding maker accreditations, and its well-established service network that spans the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe as well as the Americas.

“We are happy to welcome TurboLink into the Tru-Marine team. A joint venture with a valued and complementary partner in strategic locations allows us to go global and advantageously act local. As we extend our worldwide footprint, observing the cultural nuances is key in providing an exceptional service,” said Founding and Group Managing Director, David Loke.

The joint venture is poised for growth given strengthened turbocharger service coverage of the whole of UAE, and comes at an opportune time with the re-opening of Iran.