Tru-Marine Partners Arc Children’s Centre for its 2015 Corporate Prints

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Jan 01, 2015

Company of Good

Tru-Marine partners Arc Children’s Centre as the featured group artists for its 2015 corporate prints.

Arc is a charity day-care centre for children from disadvantaged backgrounds who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses and are unable to attend regular school as a result.  The centre provides care and enrichment for the children as well as their parents and siblings in need of support.

Using food colouring and oil pastels on canvas, the children and their siblings under the care of Arc paired up with Tru-Marine staff and the centre volunteers to paint to the theme of blue skies, fresh gardens and clean seas.

The theme carries the message that we should take good care of our environment so that we can continue to enjoy nature at her best.  Through exposure to food colouring as an unconventional paint medium, the takeaway is that art can be within easy reach by using everyday items.

Aged 2 to 7, every artist is his/her own maestro in presenting his/her own interpretation of a beautiful world, be it one’s favourite weekend trekking sessions at the park, or recollections of rainbows spanning over flowering fields.

The picture-perfect canvases served a bigger purpose in raising over $17,000 for Arc during its charity luncheon on 2 November 2014.

Since 1987, Tru-Marine has been supporting young talent development through partnerships with various community groups to present scholarship, internship and learning workshop opportunities.  Being in a knowledge-intensive trade, talent development and retention serves as a pillar of brand strength and aligns with the organization’s entrenched culture of pursuing business excellence.

It has been Tru-Marine’s passion to turn inventive ideas into interesting work so that our valued clients and partners own the distinctive masterpieces of our discovered talents.

Through the years, our partnerships in art has taken shape on canvases as unconventional as scrapped turbine blades and compressor wheels, and even on discarded wooden boxes that once housed and shipped turbochargers.

For more information on Arc Children’s Centre, visit