TruCare™ – Maritime’s First-mover Turbocharger Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service Digital Solution

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Sep 23, 2022

Tru-Marine launches TruCare™ that transforms the technical management of MRO, contributing to circularity and sustainability.



We are pleased to announce the commercial launch of TruCare™ – the marine sector’s first-mover Turbocharger Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service (PdMaaS) digital solution.  Designed for turbochargers onboard all ocean-going vessels, TruCare™ is the result of a strategic partnership between Tru-Marine, German turbocharger maker Kompressorenbau Bannewitz (KBB) and the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), a research institute under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore.

TruCare™ is the brainchild of veteran turbocharger Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul (MRO) specialist, Tru-Marine.  This digital solution was developed through the A*STAR-Tru-Marine joint lab.  One of the world’s top container shipping lines, Pacific International Lines (PIL) has also been involved for the successful pilot of TruCare™ onboard four of its vessels to date.

The endorsement by KBB in the capacity of a turbocharger manufacturer further synergises the collaboration.  The PdMaaS digital application aims to meaningfully contribute to the maritime innovation ecosystem, especially in support of decarbonization championed by the International Maritime Organization, among other priorities.

TruCare™ can be fitted onto running engines without mandatory modifications.  Available as a platform linking all end users and service providers, KBB’s esteemed customers and worldwide network of service partners will be the first to be onboarded to benefit from the cutting-edge solution developed for turbochargers.


How TruCare™ Works

TruCare™ aims to transform the technical management of ocean-going vessels via an intelligent, centralized predictive monitoring system, and be one of the first movers in the market today.

Progressing from reactive maintenance, the PdMaaS solution will set new standards for the predictive maintenance of turbochargers, using IoT technologies (edge and cloud computing, machine learning and digital twin) in equipment performance monitoring and technical consultancy.

Key operational parameters will be transmitted from ship-to-shore into a command centre for real-time data analysis, using machine learning algorithms and failure models to monitor turbocharger performance, predict failures and recommend maintenance windows.

By establishing correlations between turbocharger performance and engine parameters, the predictive ability of TruCare™ in detecting anomalies and complex indications for breakdowns helps pre-empt potential operating issues before there is a crisis.

TruCare™ detects the possibility of a fault and recommends service based on the actual operating conditions onboard, or whenever the need arises.  Furthermore, TruCare™ differentiates on its capability in predicting the Optimal Time for Refurbishment / Overhaul of components, thus extending the fixed maintenance schedules – which as a result adhering to rigid service intervals has been rendered unnecessary.

This addresses the commonly occurring, premature turbocharger failures and associated high costs of emergency repairs, vessel downtime, off-hires and delayed port calls.

Tru-Care™ is designed to improve the total cost of ownership and asset management, by reducing maintenance costs, downtime and extending asset lifetime.  Targeting also the challenges of under- and over- maintenance, the digital solution puts control back into the hands of ship owners, managers and operators, to offer peace of mind through a controlled overview of their monitored asset(s) and crew performance.


MRO Platform and Ecosystem

TruCare™ will be made available as a platform and ecosystem linking all service providers, vessel owners, managers and operators for the timely despatch of turbocharger MRO service and spares – anytime and anywhere in the world.

Transiting to this “many-to-many” business model, all end users of KBB turbochargers will stand to benefit from the synergies among all service providers in terms of their proximity to vessel locations, speed of response as well as advanced planning of service and spares.


Supported by Blockchain to Track, Trace and Record

Additionally, blockchain will be used to track, trace and record the service histories and movements of turbochargers and the sub-components from manufacture and repairs to logistics and smart contracts.

Covering every aspect of the MRO chain, blockchain will simplify and expedite tracking while enabling the secure sharing of information between all stakeholders in the value chain that include KBB as the original equipment manufacturer, its global network of authorised service providers, other logistics suppliers, classification bodies, and insurance surveyors.

This addresses the current MRO-related challenges such as a lack of digital records and global database, incomplete and inaccurate data sharing as well as system inconsistencies, inter alia.

The use of blockchain will bring all stakeholders together towards improving productivity and efficiency, hence significantly reduce MRO costs for both providers and end users. Savings will be derived from secure data management that ensures privacy and confidentiality, improved insights on service intervals and inventory levels, and even automated workflows with integration to our customers’ internal systems.


Mr James Loke, Group Chief Executive Officer, Tru-Marine

“TruCare is a disruptive digitization approach in managing asset maintenance onboard vessels in a completely different way.  More importantly, it is our response to the urgency of decarbonization imposed by world maritime and the Singapore government’s raised climate ambition to net zero by or around 2050.  Tru-Marine is committed to our ESG goal of carbon reduction through component lifecycle extension, remanufacturing and circular economy.  In addition to benefiting from the value add, TruCare is an enabler for all vessel operators to join us in contributing towards the circular model for a more eco-efficient future.”


Dr Silvio Risse, Technical Director, Kompressorenbau Bannewitz

“TruCare is the most beneficial way to link highly-efficient turbocharger technology with decades of turbocharger health and service knowledge.  Based on innovative health analysis algorithms and a trendsetting service data management, TruCare will support the vessel operator during the whole turbocharger lifecycle on a new level to keep control of maintanance needs and costs of their equipment.”


Dr David Low, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre

“We are glad that the A*STAR-Tru-Marine joint lab is bearing outcomes that will help Tru-Marine to drive business model innovation through the use of technologies. Such public-private partnerships enable local industry stalwarts like Tru-Marine to co-create new and sustainable products and services, seize new opportunities and move up the value chain.”


Mr Goh Chung Hun, General Manager (Fleet), Fleet Division, PIL Singapore

“At PIL, we constantly explore innovative solutions to improve the technical and operational reliability of our fleet. This collaboration with Tru-Marine and A*STAR to develop predictive maintenance technology aims to tackle maritime industry’s pain points. The ability to detect anomalies and defects in advance enables us to avoid costly breakdowns and downtime. Such cutting-edge and pragmatic solutions are important for the industry as we map the path to digital transformation.”